-Est 1999-

Our Legal Technology team provides specialised electronic services to our clients.

Our Legal Technology services include:

· Scanning and Document Digitisation · e-Discovery
· Appeal and Court Books · Project Management and Consulting
· Electronic Pagination services – barcoding and labelling · Electronic Document Delimiting – identify start and end page of each document
· Electronic Document Coding services – data entry/bibliographic coding · OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing – including text extraction or identify non OCR-ed documents
· Scan and Hyperlink Document Solutions including bookmarking


Our Legal Technology team has developed quality, effective and time-saving systems for our clients. Our team works with our clients to analyse their specific requirements and then establish the most appropriate and effective technology to accommodate their projects.

Our Legal Technology team have the capability to set up and manage electronic courtrooms. We also provide consultancy and project management services for major discoveries.

Our partner software company, QCAT, develops legal review and document processing software, using the subject expertise and process knowledge of Law Image. Our main product is used for document delimiting and objective coding. We are currently developing a document processing and review platform to support electronic discoveries.