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Need Help Preparing an Appeal Book? Rely on the Experts at Law Image!

At Law Image, we specialise in preparing appeal and court books of the highest standard, ensuring that all requirements set out by the relevant court jurisdiction are meticulously followed to the utmost degree.

We handle all documents with absolute confidentiality, ensuring that the entire preparation process is monitored carefully throughout by our specialist team to guarantee its security.

Our appeal and court book preparation process includes a complete draft copy that we’ll provide for your approval before we begin printing and binding documents. We thoroughly monitor all documents throughout the process, ensuring clients are notified should there be any issue that may need to be addressed and managed prior to submission, such as omitted or distorted pages and images.

When you need expert assistance in preparing your court books, Law Image is the name to remember! We also provide an excellent legal document scanning and copying service as well as print room management for your convenience.

Choose Law Image for Superior Appeal and Court Book Preparation

From printing to binding, Law Image is able to manage the entire appeal and court book preparation process for you, including:

  • Assistance with each jurisdictions’ mandatory requirements
  • Monitoring and assessing content before professionally collating it
  • Appeal book printing and binding
  • Electronic search capabilities for appeal and court books (hyperlinking with index)
  • CD / DVD transfer and distribution
  • Filing and serving documentation on behalf of clients

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