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Pagination, Tabs and Media Duplication
Our professional finishing solutions are of the highest standard, proving critical when you need to prepare legal documents, with each option able to be customised to our clients’ specific requirements, including:

  • Custom barcodes, electronic pagination, tags, labels and other identifiers
  • Standard or custom tabs/dividers available
  • Range of folding solutions such as Z-fold, C-fold and Bi-fold etc
  • Range of binding options such as Comb, Wire, Velo and Thermal
  • Saddle stitching and booklet creation.
Media Duplication

We offer a range of media duplication and conversion services, allowing us to duplicate and convert clients’ media files into formats that are suitable for their needs, for example, media duplication of VHS, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs and conversion of VHS to CD/DVD.