-Est 1999-

Law Image is today recognised as a strategic partner for legal document management in Australia. With 20 years of service excellence, Law Image has worked with all leading law firms and widely publicised government projects.

Staff at Law Image have great industry experience and understand the nuances of legal document production including appeal and court book, printing and scanning of large document formats, hard copy processing, court filing and associated services.

With a completely on-shore in-house processing business model, Law Image offers high levels of personal service and a competitive, transparent pricing model.

Law Image has received the ISO 27001:2013 Certification for our focus on data management and security. The audit certified Law Image’s processes on risk management, business continuity, data security, change management, people management, information controls, supplier management and physical security.

We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified for our approach to quality and service excellence.

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Law Image was engaged by our client to convert medical records and other documents into electronic format. Once all the documents were converted to electronic format the original hard copies were to be destroyed.
With a client deadline of three weeks, 56 boxes of documents (336 folders) were converted to electronic format. The documents included medical reports, oversized documents, small papers and highly sensitive material. The project was completed and delivered to our client in one week.
Law Image took great care to ensure all documents were scanned to the highest standard and met our client’s needs. Once complete Law Image ensured the confidential destruction of the original documentation. Law Image exceeded our client’s expectations and completed the project in one week.
Our client had a number of confidential and fragile documents that required scanning, but the issue was that they were unable to be removed from client premises.
Working with our clients we were able provide a solution to their requirement to have the documents scanned. We installed our latest scanning equipment onto their premises. Over a two month period we seconded one of our highly experienced team members on-site to ensure the scanning process was completed to the client’s specifications.
Our client was able to maintain confidentiality and the fragile documents were not disturbed and remained on-site.
Law Image was engaged by our client to produce 125 bound copies of four contracts and four vendor statements. With a strict deadline of 4pm for 62 copies of each contract and vendors statements and the remaining 63 copies to be delivered by 9am the next morning.
Law Image received the project at 12pm and not only met the deadline for printing and binding the initial 62 copies by 4pm, but completed the remaining 63 copies and delivered them to the client by 6pm the same day.
Over 100,000 pages copied, with a total of 500 contracts and vendors statements bound and delivered to the client within the requested time frame and ahead of schedule.
Our client came to us with a large and complex printing project that required a turnaround of 10 days.
The project involved the printing of approx. 390,000 pages, in A5 format. Once printed the documents needed to have A5 tabs, new indexes and volume indexes created. The end result was 650 books in total, prepared and finalised.
Law Image was able to turnaround the project in six days, well and truly within the expectations of our client’s initial 10–day requirement.
Law Image was engaged by our client to copy and prepare 45 folders with five copies of each, which included 70% colour and a mixture of A4 and A3 documents. Additionally over 500 sets of customised dividers needed to be prepared per copy.
Initially our client briefed us on Friday for the project, but then cancelled. On the Saturday afternoon at 4pm we received a call advising that the job would now be going ahead. There was an absolute deadline for the project to be completed and returned to them by Sunday evening.
The project was finalised and delivered to our client ahead of schedule on the Sunday at 3.30pm, allowing them additional time to review the files before going to court on the Monday morning.

Law Image has developed a series of environmental protocols and procedures for our normal operations. We have instituted a sustainability program that reduces the impact of our company operations. As part of this program we target issues on both an individual level, in consultation with employees and clients, up to a companywide level, focusing on power and resource conservation.

We take measures to increase staff awareness of company environmental performance and individual environmental responsibilities and ensure that environmental management is included within staff training. We review and revise our environmental statement regularly and consult with industry and community on environmental management issues.


Law Image operates in secure physical and electronic environments. All Law Image staff are security screened prior to hiring and have confidentiality agreements in place. No external contractors are used in the provision of services, with the exception of any additional services required by our clients, and only once consent has been given. Our offices are physically secure and meet the standards set by our government and private sector clients. We provide document hosting services in-house to remove third-party and jurisdictional risks to electronic information and cyber risk.

Law Image IT infrastructure is protected by rigorous security measures that meet the requirements set out by our clients. Law Image has implemented internal policies to manage and track changes to internal information systems. Internal IT projects are managed with the principles from Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2). PRINCE2 ensures all projects and changes are managed and implemented while not affecting existing systems.


Law Image has strict quality control processes which exceed our clients’ requirements. Every job has an assigned quality control officer. We check our work throughout production to ensure client satisfaction.


Law Image practises active account management to ensure client satisfaction. We provide a dedicated account manager who ensures our services meet our clients’ needs and are delivered in line with agreed KPIs and deadlines.


Law Image offers quick, secure and reliable pick-up and delivery of documents free of charge in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Transport of documents is conducted entirely by Law Image personnel to ensure full chain of custody at all times for our clients.



The breadth of our capability positions us to be your strategic partner for legal support services. Our clients can outsource their applied legal technology and printing functions to Law Image in place of maintaining onsite functions. We can provide project management as well as document and file processing for all of our clients’ matters. This represents a significant saving in management time and overheads for our clients, as well as providing flexible on-demand services that our clients can use only when needed.